About us

MedZig is an innovative platform that connects patients and healthcare providers in the most convenient, easy way. It enables patients to find healthcare professionals, get advice, and schedule an appointment with them online.

Seek Help from Healthcare Providers with Ease

MedZig makes it easier for patients to seek advice and book an appointment with a healthcare provider. It has a user-friendly search feature that allows patients to look up available healthcare providers.

With MedZig, patients can look up local healthcare providers, providing them an opportunity to be seen and treated within their region. The platform has an extensive list of specialists, giving patients more options for their healthcare needs.

Breaking Common Barriers to Healthcare

MedZig makes it easier for patients to seek medical consultation from providers in another region. Its auto translation feature makes it more convenient and less intimidating for patients who are seeking advice and help from healthcare professionals who don’t speak their language.

As of now, MedZig is available in the most popular languages: German, English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Serbian and Chinese. It aims to expand further and offer more than fifteen language options.

Safe and Secure Medical Platform

The platform makes it easier to create and share medical profiles securely with healthcare providers without the need for physical presence. With these profiles, patients can review their medical records and treatment history. Patients can also view and share their family’s medical history through the family medical tree.

All medical profiles created in MedZig are 100% secure. MedZig strictly complies with the HIPAA Privacy Rule.