General Terms and Conditions of Use for the MedZig Service

  1. Scope
    1. This website including all subdomains, aliases, webservices and links to third-party sites associated with it at which the MedZig service is available (referred to in the following as: MedZig or website) is a service of

      Medzig GmbH,
      Dorfbauerschaft 8, 48317 Drensteinfurt.

      By using MedZig you bindingly agree to these General Terms and Conditions of Use. These General Terms and Conditions apply independently of whether you are a consumer or businessperson.
    2. The following General Terms and Conditions contain basic stipulations governing the use of MedZig. If any special terms and conditions for individual use of MedZig deviate from the following Terms and Conditions, reference shall be expressly made to such at the respective place on the website. In such case, the special terms and conditions of use shall then apply by way of amendment in the respective individual case.
    3. We shall not accept any terms and conditions of the user to the contrary. This shall also apply if we do not explicitly object to the inclusion of such.
  2. Conclusion of agreement
    1. No registration is necessary to simply visit the website or call up statistical information from the website.
    2. To be able to use MedZig in the full scope, it is necessary for you to register and set up a user account. Upon concluding the entry procedure, enter a legally binding offer to conclude a usage agreement with us. If we accept the registration, you will receive an e-mail as confirmation with which the usage agreement along with the special terms and conditions of usage enter into effect; you can call these up here Usage Agreement
    3. Any user who is a consumer is entitled to revoke the offer in accordance with the special cancellation policy, which you can call up here Privacy & Policy
  3. Scope of the service
    1. MedZig is a service that pursues the purpose of contributing to an improvement and simplification of medical care and treatment through a large number of different information and contact offers. MedZig acts here in the capacity of broker between the party rendering the service and the user here, hence offering the platform for the rendering of medical services.
    2. To this end, we provide the website in the respective form available and with the respective functions available. The user does not have any claim to the provision and maintenance of certain functions. The user does not have any claim to the provision and maintenance of certain documents.
    3. The content of the website is intended solely for informational purposes and is generally freely available to everyone. If no individual treatment by physicians or remote treatment are taking place, the information on the website is not suitable or intended to replace professional advice by members of the respective groups of professions and their professional advice or treatments. The platform can and may in particular not be used for the production of independent diagnoses or to select and apply treatment methods.
  4. Usage rights and copyrights
    1. This website contains data and information of all types which are protected by trademark and/or copyright for our benefit or in individual cases for the benefit of third parties as well. Solely we are also entitled to the texts, contributions, articles, photographs, etc. that are made available in relation to the user. For this reason, it is not allowed to download the website in whole or in individual parts, to reproduce and/or to disseminate, change, decompile or decrypt such or "mirror" on another server.
    2. Reproduction is allowed for technical reasons for the purpose of browsing to the extent that this action does not serve any business, financial or economic purposes and permanent reproduction for one's own purpose. The aforementioned entitlements only apply when all protection notices (e.g. copyright notices) are retained without change in the individual reproductions.
    3. It is allowed to place a link on this website to the extent that it solely serves as cross- reference. We reserve the right to revoke this allowance. It is not allowed to frame this website.
  5. Liability
    1. We assume liability for the content of our website in accordance with statutory provisions. We do not assume any warranty for the correctness, completeness or quality of the information and articles on our website or for such being up to date. Individual articles only reflect the opinion of the respective author and are not necessarily our own. We therefore do not assume any responsibility for the content of open discussion forums and areas.
    2. References and links to websites of third parties do not mean that we assume responsibility for the content of such reference or at such link. We have no influence on the contents at the link, which is why the content does not justify any responsibility on our part for the data and information kept available there. For this reason, we are not liable for illicit, incorrect or incomplete contents or for damage which is caused as a result of usage of contents at a link.
    3. We endeavour to ensure that the website can be used as free as possible from interruption. There may be brief restrictions or interruptions of availability as a result of technical disturbances, maintenance and further development of the service, however. Use of the Internet is at the user's own risk. We are especially not liable for failure or loss of the Internet or access to the Internet for technical reasons.
    4. Our liability is excluded to the extent possible by law. Our service shall not be deemed to constitute the basis for any contractual relationship between the user and the party rendering services. In particular, we are therefore not liable for mistaken advice or damage due to injury to life and limb or health impairment resulting from incorrect treatment or the absence of treatment caused by rendering of services with a customer.
    5. Nor shall be bear liability for damage incurred as a result of force majeure or discussions that did not take place via Internet telephony independent of the reason for such.
  6. Applicable law, legal venue and other stipulations
    1. The legal venue if the user is a businessperson (Kaufmann), legal entity governed by public law or special asset governed by public law is Münster. German law applies. UN sales law (CISG) is excluded.
    2. In the event that the user is a consumer (not a businessperson), notice is provided of the possibility of out-of-court redress (extrajudicial conflict resolution) in accordance with Art. 14 of Regulation (EU) no. 524/2013 - online dispute resolution (ODR). You will find details on this under the aforestated Regulation and at the link .
    3. We reserve the right to modify these Terms and Conditions of use from time to time and to change these in accordance with technological and legal developments. Users - if they have registered - shall be notified separately of such modifications. In the event that individual provisions of this Usage Agreement are ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the Agreement.
    4. You will find our up-to-date Privacy & Policy here Privacy & Policy